This 12 foot sculpture of a Bull and Bear in Conflict Was Commissioned by Stifel Financial to symbolize the conflict between the market forces. It was dedicated in 2013 and stands outside their headquarters building in downtown at the corner of Broadway and Washington St. Louis, MO

Commissioned by the New Franklin Historical Society, this granite monument etched with drawings by Harry Weber stands at the trailhead of the Santa Fe Trail. It was dedicated in 2013 and depicts notables who were present when the Santa Fe Trail began.
An eight foot statue of the Rock and Roll great, Chuck Berry dedicated in 2011 near Blueberry Hill in St. Louis MO where he still performs.
A life sized figure of JAMES FERRELL, the founder and Chairman of Ferrellgas was dedicated and installed at the company's headquarters building in Liberty, KS in August of 2010.
A bust of DONALD DICKERSON was commissioned by Southeast Missouri State University. It stands outside the Performing Arts Center on the campus in Cape Girardeau, MO.
THE THREE SENATORS is a bas relief sculpture of Senators Eagleton, Danforth and Wilson all of whom attended St. Louis Country Day School and served in the United States Senate together. The sculpture was commissioned by Mary Institute Country Day School in St. Louis MO in 2009.
A larger than life sized statue of EWING AND MURIEL KAUFFMAN was dedicated at the Stadium bearing their name in Kansas City, MO. in August of 2009. It was commissioned by the Kauffman Foundation.
A larger than life statue of philanthropist, MALCOLM MARTIN was dedicated in June of 2009 on the Overlook across the Mississippi River from the Gateway Arch. this was commisioned by the Gateway Center of Metropolitan
St. Louis.
A life sized bust of Mr. ROBERT TRULASKE commissioned by his family and the Business School of the University of Missouri
LET FREEDOM RING, a life sized sculpture commissioned for the Ladue, MO City Hall.
A life sized bust of DONALD BABB was commissioned by his family and the Business School of the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
A figure of a DAIRY CALF for Land O' Lakes Purina in Gray Summit, MO
PERSEVERANCE, a group of four 110% life sized figures honoring
fire fighters at the Boone County Fire Protection District headquarters
in Columbia, MO (pictured above)
WILDLAND FIREFIGHTER, a 110% life sized figure of a forest firefighter
carrying a Pulaski axe. Detail from Perseverance Group.

STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTER, a 110% life sized figure of a structural
firefighter in full gear dragging an uncharged hose.


URBAN RESCUE, a 110% life sized figure of a female urban rescue
worker carrying the "jaws of life"

HAWK, a 110% life sized figure of an actual australian shepherd
rescue dog.
HENRY LAY, a life sized portrait of the philanthropist at
St. Louis University Henry Lay Sculpture Park in Louisiana, MO